Your Health is our Care.


Elizabeth Johnson

DNP, FNP, Founder

A Doctorate prepared Family Nurse Practitioner in Saint Louis, MO with over 10 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from University of Missouri Saint Louis (UMSL) in 2011. Elizabeth's mission is to provide compassionate care that allows her patients to feel loved, understood, and cared about.

"Telehealth Care was a perfect vehicle to bring healthcare services directly to my patients. This avenue provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient method to access their healthcare needs."

-Dr. Elizabeth Johnson.


She is accepting new patients.

Tracy Dalton

Manager/Virtual Visit Coordinator

She comes to us with over 20 years of experience as a healthcare professional. Tracy plans, directs and coordinates supportive services for both the healthcare providers and our patient population. She will be the first face you see when signing on to our virtual office.


" I have a great responsibility of managing the daily operations of the practice. I take pride in creating a welcoming, transparent environment for every single patient I meet." -Tracy D.

Company summary: Elite Telehealth Care LLC provides health care services using technology to inform and communicate the diagnosis, treatment, consultation, education, care, and self-management of patients in Missouri aged 1 and older seeking urgent, nonemergent care. Our company uses the Live Video-Conferencing Model of telemedicine to offer real-time face-to- face visits between the patient and the healthcare provider.

Mission statement: Our mission is to provide an exclusive, exceptional, and compassionate experience to our patients and our healthcare workers.

Company history: Elite Telehealth Care LLC was launched in 2021 to improve access to urgent, non-emergent conditions that would be otherwise delayed due to the increase demand on primary care and urgent care providers. The COVID-19 crisis dramatically changed how outpatient care was delivered. Primary care providers deferred elective and preventative visits while patients with non-covid acute illnesses avoided urgent care visits to avoid risk of exposure. This phenomenon caused an enormous increase in patients seeking care for COVID-19 in urgent care settings and more patients depending on telehealth for acute, nonemergent services. Our owner, an urgent care nurse practitioner, decided to bridge the gap through starting a telehealth care business that will improve access to patients seeking these types of services.

Markets and services: Elite Telehealth Care LLC target customers are in the state of Missouri ages 1 and older with urgent nonemergent illnesses. Urgent and non-emergent needs are typically defined as clinical conditions in which a short delay would not increase the likelihood of an adverse outcome such as: allergies, animal, or insect bites/stings (minor), back, neck pain, bronchitis, chest colds, respiratory infection, burns (minor), cold sores, cough, cold, COVID-19 evaluation, diarrhea, fever (mild), flu, headache, laryngitis, pink eye; eye infection, poison oak, ivy, sumac, rash, skin infection, sinus infections, sore throat, sprains, strains (minor), sunburn (mild), urinary problems, urinary tract infection (UTIs), vomiting, nausea, wheezing (mild-moderate asthma). In-network insurance plans include Anthem BCBS, Medicare, and United Healthcare. Without coverage, a Virtual Visit costs $75. Please call our office if your insurance plan is not listed, we are updating insurance plans frequently.